1. To upgrade the academic excellence of graduate, postgraduate and R&D programmes and the quality of science research in the Caribbean.
  2. To strengthen theoretical and practical knowledge concerning basic sciences in the Caribbean.
  3. To contribute towards increasing the number of postgraduate and R&D programmes and cooperation and integration among them.
  4. To foster further participation among young researchers in sciences.
  5. To favor science postgraduate programmes and to prepare, with high excellence academic training within the pre-established terms, professionals and workers of knowledge with analytical, creative and critical thought (and with the ability to communicate it) capable of acquitting themselves in an economical, social, cultural and informed interdependent society.
To achieve the above objectives, CARISCIENCE will undertake the following activities:
  1. Exchange of teachers and researchers
  2. Exchange of students (fellowships, in-service training, etc.)
  3. Transmission of teaching experience and results
  4. Joint graduate and postgraduate training projects
  5. Joint research projects
  6. Dissemination of publications and editing of joint publications
  7. Promotion of events and other activities related to the analysis and dissemination of knowledge
  8. Support to the development of an evaluation and accreditation system of Postgraduate programmes of the sciences in the Caribbean.